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ALCHosting Networks
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Member Since, Jul 28, 2018
ALCGIG HQ, Bacoor City, Cavite Philippines 4102
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Just like the other cliché stories, ALCHosting Networks started from scratch — from one client to one hundred until the domino effect does its job and spread the good news regarding our services around the globe.  


Established in 2018 in a simple home with a mind full of ideas and a heart that dreamed higher than the cloud itself. It all started as a hobby of our CEO, John Carlo Canaveral, from buying a server together with his friendsuntil he decided to take the risks to expand his services and join the fast-pacing world of website hosting.  Little did he know that his side venture would grow into something more— and that is the birth of our Company, the ALCHosting Networks.    


For 3 years, ALCHosting Networks were recognized by the top companies as one of the most trusted e-commerce businesses that caters innovative solutions at one address. Whether it is shared hosting, wordpress hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private server hosting, virtual dedicated server hosting to dedicated server hosting, we all got you covered! We also empower thousands of people who want to start their web-related business with us.  

AlCHosting Networks gathered professional individuals to make sure that we will meet all of your demands correctively. 

We aim not only to become the number one web hosting company worldwide but also to give importance to our clients' trust with usbecause in here, we are family.    

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ALCGIG HQ, Bacoor City, Cavite Philippines 4102